Educational Symposium

Chair and Panel Moderator: Lois Delcambre

Panelists: Professors Karen Davis (U. Cincinnati), Giancarlo Guizzardi (Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo), Nenad Jukic (Loyola University Chicago), and Sham Navathe (Ga. Tech).

Do you:

  • teach conceptual modeling?
  • have tips or strategies for teaching conceptual modeling?
  • have war stories (of things that didn’t work out) from teaching conceptual modeling?

We invite you to participate in the “open microphone” portion of the panel.

The panel will consider these questions:

Who do we teach conceptual modeling to? Which program, level of student, …?

What do we teach? What knowledge/skills/abilities should your students gain?

Why do we teach those things (to that audience)? How do you assess your students?

How do we teach? Are there educational strategies such as active, peer-led, problem-based, … learning that work well or do NOT work well for teaching conceptual modeling?

To keep things interactive, we are asking our panelists as well as the audience participants to keep their remarks brief. There is no need to submit your idea ahead of time; we encourage you to attend and participate!