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We Hired the Best Conference Planner in Thailand

We Hired the Best Conference Planner in Thailand

Phuket Event Company is the pioneer conference planner in Phuket & Bangkok Thailand. The Conference Planner in Phuket is a service that offer by Phuket Conference Planner company, this Conference Planner aim is to bring the best from around the world for those business organiser who wants to conduct their events & conferences in Thailand.

This event planner company in Bangkok offers the meeting planner services at best rate and also work with us hand-to-hand until each detail of our plan is done perfectly for your event.

Their meeting planner in Thailand also helped us select the venue to hold our events. They knew that selecting the right location for our upcoming business meeting was an important and should be taken into serious consideration during the early stage of planning process.

Having worked with them on a few projects, This Conference Planning Company fulfil all required needs of our conference, meeting or business organisation group which we were planning to conduct. The main objective on why we selected them is they provide genuine service so we can feel relax during planning stage of event without having stress on additional charge.

As a professional Conference Planning Company in Thailand, They have been organised quite a number of events for different size of business organisations from all around the world when we seen their portfolio.

Their Conference Planner in Phuket as well as Conference Planning company in Bangkok provided us with various services from planning stage up until the end of summit day. We had various events, some smaller and some very large which requires careful planning and thoughtful execution to make sure everything goes smoothly on our conference events.

They made sure we got maximum returns both professionally & financially through out our event . They are very experienced company so there was no question to ask. Our event went well and almost all of our business partners were satisfied with the organisation, But we will probably work with this Conference Planner in Bangkok again as they make sure even the smallest detail is done perfectly.

The emcee they hired for our conference was outstanding and really beautiful voice, They also provided great service during the whole event. The best thing is you can get custom tailored services to fit your requirement & expectation at the cost at reasonable prices while they are not the cheapest they are definitely worth every baht.

Phuket Event Company also provided entertainment for a few of our events such as those business seminars. They were really good at making sure all the dancers they provided can perform their task professionally and with high quality. They make sure everything is done perfectly which we like the most about them.

Besides entertainment they also provide some stage lighting and sound system which you probably need for any events such as big conferences. If we want to sum up all , We would say they are a great company to work with and we will definitely be using them again in near future for our event.

The Best Conference Planner in Phuket did this for us without any charge.
The venues they have selected for us were of high standard, with the ability to hold our expected number of delegates. The meeting rooms or ballrooms that were used had perfect design, layout and luxurious features which made each venue widely accepted by visiting delegates.

Here are some services provided by Conference Planner in Bangkok:

– Venue selection & management
– Theme Party Planning & event decoration
– Transportation arrangement (round trips)
– Audio/visual equipment rental and setup
– Cable connection and Internet service
– Printing and installation services (Banner stands, flags and etc.) – Local tour guide arrangement .
– Catering (Thai , European, Chinese and Local food)
– On site meeting management.
– Hotel booking in Bangkok & Phuket area.

We manage to select one of the best Conference Venue in Phuket and Bangkok Thailand which is near our business location so we had no problem with transportation.

We want to thank them for their great service and automatically will hire them again if we are planning another conference or meeting in Phuket or Bangkok Thailand in future .

Here are their contact details:

conference planner phuket bangkok thailand

Phuket Event Company
Office: 65/176 Laguna Park, Moo 4, Cherntalay, Thalang, Phuket 83110 Thailand.
Phone: +668 788 22209

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